Who’s Who


Stu Warshauer - Fiddler, Director

Stu Warshauer – Fiddler, Director

Stu studied classical violin for 10 years starting at the age of 6. After college, where he played in the Cornell Symphony Orchestra, he found that he had to devote himself to his business career and helping to raise his 4 children, one of which is developmentally disabled. In the 1980’s he heard Klezmer music and it turned him on and  back to his fiddle. He joined the Seven Hills Sinfonietta Chamber Orchestra and became the fiddle player for the Cincinnati Klezmer Project when it was formed in 1993. When Stu moved to Naples in 1998, he started pursuing his dream of a second career in music, founding the Naples Klezmer Revival band. Stu still enjoys playing the violin he received for his Bar Mitzvah over 50 years ago and has never owned or desired owning a different instrument.


Perry Switzen - Bass Guitar

Perry Switzen – Bass Guitar


Perry studied bass guitar at a music school on Long Island, N.Y. for many years. He proceeded to play with several garage and basement jam bands. He finally came out of the basement to play base guitar for the classic Rock band “Short Term Memory”, performing in clubs and a t festivals on Long Island. When asked to become a member of “Blue Condition”, Perry leaped at the chance to play Blues as well as Rock. He made an even greater leap when he joined the Naples Klezmer Revival band. Growing up in the New York area, Klezmer was the music and Yiddish the language that his parents and grandparents listened to on  WEVD “The station that speaks your language.





Arnold Saslavsky - Percussion



Arnold has a Bachelor of Music from the Boston Conservatory of Music and a Master’s of Music from the New England Conservatory of Music. In Naples, he is the drummer for Stan Spiro’s The Townsmen Orchestra and the Gulf Coast Big Band in addition to his work with the Naples Klezmer.

Arnold Saslavsky – Percussion 
Art Isenberg - Keyboard

Art Isenberg – Keyboard

After having studied classical piano for 10 yrs, Art Isenberg turned his talent to more popular and modern music.  He has worked with bands in Boston (joining the Musicians Union when he was 17), and then in Schenectady, NY, where he organized a wedding/bar/bat mitzvah band with special emphasis on Jewish ethnic music.  The band entertained for about 30 years, played for shows and accompanied artists.  Having moved to Naples in 2004, he joined the Naples Klezmer Revival band and also performs singles at hotels, homes, private parties, country clubs from Sanibel to Marco.



Martin Cohn - Clarinet

Martin Cohn – Clarinet


Martin Cohn grew up in Chicago and studied clarinet since age 10. Played in his high school orchestra and with an interest in jazz, intermittently afterward. Has worked with the Band since 2007. He retired from an active medical practice and returned to his passion with music. He also enjoys playing classical and jazz. He is the webmaster of this site.





Jason Flegel

Jason Flegel, Accordianist

Jason is the band’s versatile pinch hitter. His talent on the keyboard and the accordion permit him to step into either role when he is needed and when available. Jason’s full time job requires a good deal of travel, so he is not always available, but when he is, it is always a pleasure to work with him. He and wife, Carole , are the proud parents of musically, talented teen-age twins, who will show up occasionally to perform with the band. 



Richard Johnson - Accordianist

Richard Johnson – Accordianist

Richard started accordion lessons at age 6 when his parents found out that the piano they had rented didn’t fit up the stairway to their second floor dwelling. Continued accordion lessons (primarily classical music) for 12 years despite moving to a house with a first floor. Started playing jazz on the accordion and piano in high school. Worked his way through college, medical school and neurology residency playing jazz piano and accordion with small groups in night clubs and other venues in Minneapolis. After retirement from practicing neurology for 30 years found more time for music once again.  Has played Klezmer music in the past with the “Klezmedics” in the Twin Cities. Also plays cello in several amateur chamber ensembles in Minneapolis. Has been with the Naples Klezmer Revival band for three years.


Jane Galler - Guitar, Vocalist

Jane Galler – Guitar, Vocalist


Jane is one of the busiest musicians in Naples. She is the Cantorial Soloist for the Naples Jewish Center, the Music Director of the Temple Shalom Religious School; a  teacher in the Temple Shalom Nursery school and has a cadre of over 20 private students whom she teaches guitar, piano, and cello. She is a founding member of the Naples Klezmer Revival band, and is often called the “heartbeat” of the band because she sets the tempo for most of the repertoire.